Architectural visualization studio

Architectural visualization studio

Ana María Pérez Heydorn

Architect by the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM)

Obtained with honors in the qualifying master degree with the project «Huellas del Pasado».

Passionate about the world of architecture and computer graphics, as well as art in general (drawing and photography).

The visual representation of a project through images and/or animations is the final part of a long process of thought, projection and design.

However, this last phase is the most decisive in terms of the transmission of the project, the one that enters through the eyes, the one that makes someone fall in love with the idea and the form, the appearance, the one that allows you to finally imagine, as it is a very accurate approximation of reality, a «spoiler» of what it will be.

My intention and capacity are always focused on a faithful representation of the project, but also capable of transmitting and evoking atmospheres and sensations.